Jon Nordstrøm, the man behind 2009s wonderful Danish Tattooing is back with another labour of love: Sølvpil. The word means Silver arrow in English, and its the name of the Danish high speed train that ran the tracks 1963-1990 and was part of the West European train network Tran Europe Express (yes, you guessed it, thats what Kraftwerks song is all about).

The Sølvpil became a legend within its life time, rare silver trains shine like nuggets. Sølvpil later operated in Poland, and in this book, photographers Jon Nordstrøm and Per Johanesn give the trainspotter all he can ask for. Wonderful esthetic photography that portrays the train in use, the details, the passengers and the second life, the train cut in pieces functioning as a dressing room for a soccer team.
A true treasure for both photography, design and train lovers.