Joanna Rytel Art Video

Sex, abortion, racism – Joanna Rytel explores the
most taboo-laden areas in society
Joanna Rytel Art Video looks like a children’s picture-book, but
contains text, images and a dvd of Rytel’s short films. Sex, gender,
feminism, honour, abortion and racism: Joanna Rytel explores some
of the most controversial topics of today.

Rytel creates situations of an almost childishly provocative nature:
she depicts sex workers at art shows, strips for animals, has birthday
parties for aborted foetuses; a distressing method without no safety
net. Given these subjects, one might think that Rytel is politically
correct. Far from it. The pc answers are left out, and the reaction
becomes all the stronger when the viewer is deprived of his passive
role and becomes a part of the answer.

Joanna Rytel Art Video from Dokument Press Distribution on Vimeo.