I Love You Baby

Unheard of a few years ago, 'character design' is now an everyday term in modern design vernacular. Having started out as no more than a designer's hobby, it has quickly evolved into a lucrative business.

Be it a12" vinyl character with a Mohawk, an alien dog with a bad attitude or a small plastic girl with razor blade ponytails on a key ring, these creatures encompass a wide spectrum of media.
I Love U Baby focuses not on the mass market but on works by designers with a story to tell and how they keep their ideas fresh and relevant to the times. Features characters by Jon Burgerman, Furi Furi Company, Megane27, Nanospore, Shojo No Tomo, Shieko, TDP Studio, Akeshi, Gamania, 460 shirokumaru, Tintoy Chuo, Ayaperi, Rica, Jeremyville, Niko Stumpo, Driv, Bfree, Mad Barbarians, Pal Wong, Steven Chui, Pixelmunky, Michael Chuah, Geeksigners, Steven Lau, Graphicairlines, Ranger Bastards, Ugly Dolls, Klaus Haapaniemi, Superdeux and Luke Feldman.