Interstate Lovesong

Interstate Love Song is photographer Lauri Mannermaas trip to the highways of America and his childhoods visual world. Mannermaa began photographing external reality, but found out that he was examining his internal world.

He has travelled to North America for more than 40 times and driven more than 40,000 all over the continent.
Mannermaas images form a bridge between the classics of the road photography and its current expressions. Pictures of this book are partially abstract, partially mute and stereotypically loud. They tell the story of the road, which is a state of mind.
Photographer Lauri Mannermaa was born in 1965. Before earning his Master in Fine Arts he worked as a psychologist and a pioneer of photo-therapy in Finland. He has run workshops and shared his expertise with hundreds. Since 1996, Mannermaa has worked as a free lance-photographer.

Interstate Lovesong from Dokument Press Distribution on Vimeo.