Adios 4

Adios 4 is an art book with the latest work from hotshot Scandinavian artist. Lars Bang Larsen who writes the foreword describes it like this:
The works in Adios #4 are pictures of things that shouldn’t exist. This body of works – a consistent statement of what can perhaps be called an art after the psychedelic – are not products of psychedelia’s idealistic tenets of the harmonious peace and love variety.
In Adios 4 you find a picture world with dark strokes, all influenced by living close to the pole with long, cold and dark winters and short, melancholic summers.
The book is edited by Finnish artists Konsta Ojala and Timo Vaittinen. The artists featured are:

Nadine Byrne (SWE), Troels Carlssen (DNK), Ragnar Jonasson (ISL), Janne Martola (FIN),Konsta Ojala (FIN), Danilo Stankovic (SWE), Erik Tidemann (NOR), Timo Vaittinen (FIN), Ville-Veikko Viikilä (FIN), Arvid Wretman (SWE).