Ouff! Mander Selected Works + Free At Last PRINT

"Ouff! Mander Selected Works" SIGNED BOOK + "Free At Last" PRINT

Limited to 20 copies per print, Signed and numbered.

29.7 x 42.0 cm, 1-color Risograph print on 80 gram Recycled Eco paper.

Pre-orders will be sent out on September 17.

Ouff! Mander Selected Works (signed book)

Magicians, cockroaches, tombstones and robots – Martin ”Mander” Ander invites you to an universe lled with bizarre creatures and objects that make you go ouff!

Mander has developed his art form from the day he first held a pen, 40 years ago. He discovered skateboard culture, graffiti, 1960s poster art and underground graphic magazines which he soon mixed with influences from punk, graffiti and skateboarding.
Today his work appears on buses, television, album covers, skateboards and koncert posters. Grandmaster Flash, Fever Ray and KRS One are but a few of the artists Mander has worked with.
Mander’s images are full of detailed references that make you want to find out more. They owe a lot to Swedish icons as well as to 1960s American underground artists. OUFF! is an in-depth introduction to one of our most interesting contemporary artists.

“Is Martin Ander currently the best illustrator in Europe? I think he is and I don’t say that lightly.”
– Mike Giant

”Martin’s work for Fever Ray represents one of the few album covers from the past decade that managed to become a true icon. As always this was driven by the strength of the image and the power of the music.”
– Stefan Sagmeister