Brask Studio Visits

Danish art collector Jens-Peter Brask has been visiting the studios of some of the world’s most innovative and buzz-worthy artists for the past few years, a diverse range of names from the fresh-faced to iconic veterans.

Brask documents these visits in beautiful fashion via this hardcover publication simply titled “Brask Studio Visits;” a 272 page edition of 1000 delving inside spaces from Denmark to France, England to America. Profiling the likes of Wes Lang, Eddie Martinez, Kenny Scharf, Julian Schnabel, Tal R, Erik Parker and Clare Woods, the 40 studio visits take us into the unique world of each artist, a sight rarely seen by the public, allowing for a new appreciation of the creative process and satisfying our natural urge to snoop.

Brask Studio Visits from Dokument Press Distribution on Vimeo.