GBG State of Mind

In tandem with the release of STHLM PHONE HOME comes GBG STATE OF MIND by the Swedish photographer Per Englund.

In the book, Englund returns to important places in his hometown Gothenburg. The thought-provoking photographs are reminiscent of film noir and the memory of the harbour’s melancholy is blackly portrayed in this personal series of photographs. In the book’s first page, the photographer laconically observes that “colours are like the body: mostly in the way.”
In GBG STATE OF MIND, Englund delves deeply into his pictorial archive in order to find out how many times he has visited and photographed his hometown since moving to Stockholm. He describes the photographs as pictorial evidence, and takes an interest in the importance of the locations. But what has he chosen to point the cameras at on his visits, and why? There are clues, but as readers we are left with more questions than answers. Questions we recognise and ask ourselves habitually.

Dokument Press have previously published Per Englund’s books Life Geos On (2009) and The Beautiful Struggle (2006).

GBG State of Mind from Dokument Press Distribution on Vimeo.