Blackbook sessions #4

A sheet of paper is still the fundament for the graffiti writers letter bending. They are the beginning of everything, the best way to present your ideas. Sketches are a visualisation of thoughts and show the variety, dynamics and the power of letters. These sketches, mostly collected in blackbooks have been the object of desire for everyone interested in graffiti – including the powers of the state.

Graffiti in public space is to be seen by everyone, but the sketch is normally hidden in a secret place.
Blackbook Sessions 4 features sketches done by the international graffiti elite – writers like Kaos 75 and Bomber from Frankfurt, Skil, Puppet, Gauge and Jeks from Stockholm, More, Shaw and Phos 4 from Berlin, Tkid and Bio from New York and Smash 137 from Switzerland.
The results of sleepless nights and emptied pens are presented on 160 pages with 250 sketches, 50 in colour. In the same place they document the history of an unstoppable movement.