Big Is Better

The Wholecar is undoubtedly the greatest expression for a trainbomber. Big is Better holds more than 150 wholecars coming mainly from Italy but also from the rest of Europe. Features work by fra32, ausy, chaos, cayro, bacon, ciro, dorn, jamba, fume, fre, rebu, puer, pol, magma, rud, humen, hepo, noir, fez, kombo, mers, mosone, philo, magilla, gos, ufs, vega, nasa, erpes, zaher, siko, wca, ftw, relo, saze, zoow, porer, mw, dru, pixel, smit, pzee, rok, assa, mauz, tucas, vod, bugie, deks, reus, royals, tsk, hekto, ncb, oas, pms, hld, alors, moon, rush, rima, cores, shake, jador, faes, cook,otis, neoh, tsb, eys, yogurt, kilos, rfc, oh’s, tour,norma, turk, iraso, jasn, fayer, mind, uniko, rain, fica, hapy, qsmd, cone, oshie, phiesta, choer, temor, kara, hust, sad, ufo, chusky, caps, tlm’s, obes