After the Laughter - Herakut 2

Herakut links the rough and the straightforwardness of their subcultural home base with the technique and discipline of the world of Fine arts. they are gatecrushers – but never forced or planned. Everything they do grows organically. they go by their own creative flow, neither by intention nor by the market.

Herakuts work ranges from murals to collaged interior design, canvas pieces and sketches to animated short-film, from analogue photography to three-dimensional objects and sculptures. In fact, for Hera and Akut there is no boundary to the illustration of their stories. they focus on the message not the
medium. they are storytellers, and have created their own family of characters, their own species. Herakuts characters are easily recognizable. With their gestures and expressions they raise questions and try to find answers at the same time. Every one of their stories is a reflection of their reality. Herakuts characters and their own visual vocabulary are sent out into the world to communicate. Preferably in places where people do not expect to meet art.

After the Laughter – the 2nd book of Herakut tells the story behind their stories. It is a hand-made scrapbook with 240 fully collaged pages on which the duo shares the good sides and the bad from the second half of their collaboration years, 2009 to 2011. It is just as personal as all their pieces and that makes it a piece of art in itself.

After the laughter from Dokument Press Distribution on Vimeo.

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