Vector Minded: The Graffiti Therapy

The crew VMD (Vector Minded) was founded in the early 90s in the Paris region and now includes forty artists like Dize, Wire, Akize, Street, Tera, Turp, Yome, Stane, Poes, Tomek, Moper, Gorze, curly and many others. A multi-generational (20 to 40 years) aswell as multidisciplinary (drawing, painting, graphic, music, etc..) crew.
After more than twenty years of existence, the VMD has not given up, they are all active in the streets aswell as in the Galleries. Now they share their universe in the book Vector Minded: The Graffiti Therapy.
The book is Composed by hundreds of rare and exclusive photographs, and offers an insider's view of the world of VMD to better understand their approach and the magnitude of their art. Drawings, tags, graffiti, lifestyle, in short all aspects of their passion are highlighted in an album that leaves the spotlight on the image. An inspriation for any graffiti afficinado!