With his new VANDALS book Nils Müller finally gives the world a new and most certainly an even deeper insight into the graffiti- scene.
His pictures in VANDALS, which were taken within the last 7 years, are separated into 10 chapters, that show the different world metropolis. Nils Müller captures their unique characters in his photos. Whether it be London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, New York, Bucharest, Seoul or Caracas.

The vivid pictures bring the beholder right into the events. Those photos are even more highlighted by his tales. Again he accompanied artists like Same, Pilchi, Atom, Motiv, Creme, MOSES and TAPS™, Luce, F-ups, and All and Moa.
Another landmark in the documentation of the world wide trainwriting scene!

Vandals from Dokument Press Distribution on Vimeo.

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