This book chronicles a selection of works by Jeks, 2013–2016. The format, style and media of the works vary – canvases, works on paper, blackbook burners, drawings and sketches – but the dominant format is the wild style-piece, and the primary motif is the artist’s own name: Jeks.

Due to the ephemeral character of graffiti – the works are usually buffed away in graffiti removal programs, destroyed by vandals, or painted over by other artists – many of the works have most likely been seen by few outside the artist’s closer circle of friends and colleagues. Let alone in a comprehensive context. And when realizing that all the works displayed in the book have been created in less than three years, and represents only a selection of the full production, it reveals an impressive combination of creativity, productivity and artistry.

JEKS from Dokument Press Distribution on Vimeo.

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