Street Art London (sc)

Back in paperback by popular demand!
London is finally getting its due as one of the most international hubs for street art today. Its sooty brick walls are decorated with the liveliest and freshest street art in the world from an array of talent, both international and homegrown. Street Art London presents a carefully curated roster of work from global megastars such as Obey, Banksy, Space Invader and Roa, to rising newcomers like Malarky and Mobstr.

Publisher Dokument Press is considered the authority on street art books, and Frank Steam156 Malt is one of the most respected and influential street art photographers working today. The art he captures is accompanied here by exclusive quotes from the creators themselves, giving fresh insight to their work.
Full of unique quotes from the artists, Street Art London is a eminent opportunity to find the cream of the crop, and to become inspired by, and acquainted with, the street artists of London.
Street Art London acts as a permanent snapshot of an impermanent form in a constantly evolving environment. What sets this book apart is its sheer awesomeness, it doesn’t set out to bring the most “hip” street art, it simply brings you the best.

About the author
Frank Steam156 Malt is a legendary graffiti and street art documenter with over 29 years experience of documenting street art around the world.
Steam156 has featured in magazines such as Time Out, Face, ID, Sunday Times, Best and many more. He is a sought after commentator on graffiti culture, penning articles for magazines like Hip Hop Connection, Knowledge and Graphotism.
He has documented graffiti art around the world. He now runs one of the largest graffiti websites in the world, and also guides street art tours in London with

Street Art London soft cover from Dokument Press Distribution on Vimeo.