Fuck, That's Delicious

Part cookbook, part memoir, part travelogue, and wholly original, F*ck, That's Delicious is rapper Action Bronson's comprehensive guide to the food, chefs, food makers, regions, neighborhoods, and restaurants that every food obsessive should know. Organised as a full-colour illustrated guide with 100 entries, the book captures all the foods that get to him: When his mama makes him a good ol’ bagel and cheese with scrambled eggs. The tacos in LA. Dominican chimis. Jamaican jerk. Hand-rolled pasta from Mario Batali and Michael White. The best Chinese red-pork char siu buns in the world, found in London. And more, lots more. F*ck, That's Delicious also includes 40 recipes inspired by Action’s childhood, family, tours, and travels—like the Arslani Family Baklava and Bronson’s Original Lamb Burger—and adapted from name- brand chefs and street cooks he’s met on his show. Richly visual, the book is layered with illustrations and photographs of Action’s childhood, food excursions, tours, lyric notebooks, and more.

WELL-KNOWN RAPPER: Action Bronson is known for his lyrics, especially about food. He's penned songs with titles like, "Brunch," "Shiraz," and "Jerk Chicken," and the New York Times wrote that Action "redirects his voracity toward the fleet rhyme composition of the Wu-Tang Clan and the foodie jargon (not to mention the irascibility) of Anthony Bourdain." Action's debut album, "Mr. Wonderful," made it to #7 on the album charts last year, and he has a new album coming out in Autumn 2016, so he'll be touring over the next year. RAP-MEETS-FOOD CROSSOVER: Action has the singularly unique resume of
rapper/chef. As a result, not only is he a highly sought after interview for radio, TV, blogs, events of all kinds—music, rap, lifestyle, big-ticket food events—his daily tweets, instagrams, and even appearances at restaurants or stores are covered as news in music, entertainment, and food media outlets. SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM:Action has 683k followers on Instagram; 273k on Twitter; 372k on Facebook; and 130k Youtube. He is also supported on social media by Atlantic Records and by Vice. HIT TV SHOW: Episodes of "F*ck, That's Delicious" air on both Viceland and Munchies, Vice popular food video channel. They are also posted to YouTube, where they eventually reach a million views.

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