United We Chill

"United We Chill" is a hard bound book of the photography of Aple76 published by Seven Dollars Crew. The production is of the highest quality with 80 uncoated lithograph-printed pages and a wrapped cover illustration printed onto a textured paper which mimics denim as it ages. The book binding is meant to last a lifetime. All photographs are analog.

Since the early nineties, Aple76 has lived the graffiti lifestyle. During this time, he has used photography to archive ephemeral works and the traces of the Hip Hop culture surrounding him. In 2005, after shooting a documentary in Berlin, he first realized the power of photography as a witness to the creativity and unity of this culture. Today, the analog photography of Aple76 reveals a deep connection between all aspects of Hip Hop.

"United We Chill" is a photographic record of this dynamic and diverse culture. Nostalgia for its Bronx-based heritage has become the impetus for a new, global urban community. This project seeks to visualize a simple reality and an intimacy with that scene. Immersed in the heart of this movement, it offers an honest reflection on how members of the Hip Hop community define themselves as individuals, activists and characters.

United we chill from Dokument Press Distribution on Vimeo.