The Future Is Female: A Journal

This journal represents the community of women who joined forces across the globe on January 21, 2017 for one of the largest demonstrations in political history. The grassroots movement united women and their allies on all seven continents, and marches were organized in an estimated 81 countries – from the thousands of women who marched across the National Mall in Washington, DC to the group of researchers at work in Paradise Bay in Antarctica. Protesters marched on Trafalgar Square in London, the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, and Hibiya Park in Tokyo. Worldwide, an estimated five million people showed solidarity with women – women of color, immigrant women, disabled women, queer women, trans women, and the next generation of women.

As the day of the march approached, a call to arms lit up social media, and women everywhere began knitting pink, cat-eared hats for themselves and other marchers. The pink hat has become a symbol of female empowerment and the importance of a woman’s voice.

The pages of this journal are blazoned with words from protest signs around the world. Use this journal to blaze your own path to justice. To find your own voice. To take control of your anger or fear, and use it to mobilize change. Write about your daily struggles, your hopes for the future, and your every ass-kicking moment. These pages are the start of your future. Keep writing. Keep fighting. Keep using your voice.

For every copy sold, Clarkson Potter will donate $1 to the National Organization for Women Foundation.