Man Ooman

MAN OOMAN (Man Woman) A film about gender relations in Jamaica seen through dancehall dancing culture. Jamaica has more churches per capita than any other place in the world. It also has more murders, except for the times when they get eclipsed by an occasional genocide in Africa. But in the most notorious parts of the gang war infested garrisons, where no cab driver will take a foreigner even at daytime, there's a party going on.

Every single night of the week street dances are kept in different ghettos, where rivaling neighborhoods meet unarmed to have fun. The music is loud and aggressive and the dancing is wild, sexually explicit and the dancers often utilize props provided by the surroundings. Loudspeakers, trees, cars and buses are all used for dancing a dance that for the untrained eye looks like a combination of fighting and copulation. But the dance is a very lively cultural phenomenon where new moves are developed weekly and spread out to the world through bootleg dvds. All dances have a name and a history and at least one person or crew who claims to be the architect behind it. The film investigates the culture behind dancehall dancing and tries to find out how this dance became as absurd as it is today. It gives a glimpse at what kind of people the dancers are, how they live and why dancing is important to them.